About This Single Mama

My name is Aryn & I'm Single Mama to Ty. 

That's me and my Baby Bear.

That kid is literally the fiber that every piece of my world is built on.  Right, Wrong, or Indifferent, that little boy is the cheese to my cracker.  The sun to my moon (but not the pasty white one that is usually covered by my pants!).  He puts the SWEET in sweetness.  He's funny, stupidly smart (I know, it totally makes sense, right?!), and has a heart of absolute gold.  He gets those things from me.  He's also sassy, defiant (at times), smart mouthed, and hyper active.  He gets those things from his dad. 

 I'm also a fur mommy to this dude:

 He's a rescued pit bull who thinks he's a Pomeranian. He is everything that a second child entails except for the tax deduction.  He's sweet, needy, and protective.  He's my Petey Pie. 

As a single mom, I wear many hats including working full time as a Trainer, going to school part time to finish a degree in Human Resources and trying my hand at an endless list of DIY projects around the house that I bought almost 2 years ago.  I follow many other blogs and suck my inspiration from them since I don't a creative BLOOD CELL in my body, let alone an entire creative bone and shamelessly copy from those more inspiring than I. I try to be thrifty and I'm always searching for the best deal.  Whether it's getting my groceries for pennies on the dollar or decorating my house on the cheap, I'm trying to do it as cheaply as possible.  My friends call me the queen of thrift stores and they humor me when I wield a coupon at restaurants and bars.  If you're interested in seeing how I manage my money, follow me in that journey over at Living on a Dime or Less.  Otherwise, I'll chronicle my successes and failures (hopefully more of the former than the latter) having to do with being a single parent right here in this pretty space.

My little Angel

I love, Love, LOVE my readers and truly pull strength and support from them.  I am always looking for blog networking opportunities, folks interested in being featured as guest post contributors, and new friends!  If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so by sending me an email at livingonadimeorless@gmail.com.  I'd love to hear from you!

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