Monday, April 16, 2012

April A to Z Challenge: N

N = Now

As in, Live in the NOW.  I've spent a lot of time and energy during my lifetime living in the past.  Hung up on things that have happened in the past.  Reliving and Rehashing them.  It is with the help of my friends and therapist that I have started to realize that you can never relive the past so there's no use trying.  You can't change it.  All you can do is live in and focus on what's happening right NOW.  This is alot easier said than done.  After all, I have things in my past that have caused me a lot of hurt and angst.  Things which aren't all that easy to just "heal" from and put away forever.  The worst thing that I can do (and I've learned this the hard way) is to put something away and not allow myself to heal before trying to move forward.  However, by not living in the NOW, I'm bypassing too many opportunities to experience joy and the great things that my blessed life has to offer. 

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  1. so true--when i find myself re-living a bad memory--i start singing in my head--it takes it away