Monday, February 27, 2012

How we met. . .

Over the next handful of posts, I will start from the beginning and bring you up to speed on everything (well, everything that is important, I suppose) you need to know about mine and D's relationship and how we got to where we are now: me being a single mom and not entirely sure where my relationship with my "Baby Daddy" stands. 

I had been working at my company for about 4 months and I had just recently gotten a new manager in my office.  My boss had transferred to my office from an area of Virginia about 3 hours away and knew no one in the area.  He was a few years older than me and had a great sense of humor.  Almost instantly, we clicked.  But not in the way that you might be thinking.  No, my boss was happily married.  However, his wife was still in their old town trying to get their house sold and tie up loose ends before she and their young daughter made the move to the new town.  Because my boss and I were both alone in our town (I worked constantly and really didn't know anyone in town since I had moved from out of the area), we kind of hung out with each other.  Never anything inappropriate. . .just running out to grab lunch occasionally and we often found ourselves working late at our office since we were in sales and were always busting it to meet (and exceed!) monthly goals.  Anyways, this gave my boss and I ample opportunity to get to know each other.  After I had been working with him for a month or so, he said that he thought I should meet one of his best friends.  This guy had actually worked with him in his prior office and my boss thought that he and I would get along.  The guy was D.  I kind of blew it off because I had gotten out of a serious relationship earlier that year (about 6 months earlier) and was still trying to nurse my wounds from that breakup.  However, occasionally when my boss and I would be working in the office after hours, my boss would call D. and put him on speaker phone and we'd all three just sit around and shoot the bull on the phone for a little while.  I could tell that he was funny and like my boss, he had an outgoing personality.  After that, D would occasionally call the office during the day and ask to speak to my boss but he would always spend a minute or two chatting me up and making me laugh.  I found out later (from him) that these phone calls were not actually to talk to my boss, it was a sneaky (or not so!) attempt to get me on the phone.  Since we had caller id on our phones, D would sometimes call the office and my boss would pick it up knowing it was D.  D. would tell my boss to hang up so that he could call back because he wanted me to answer the phone.  Sneaky, sneaky! 

One Friday at work, my boss approached me and told me that D. was coming down to hang out with him that night but that there was a problem.  Since my boss was staying at a friend of a friend's house (who he didn't know very well), he didn't feel right asking if he could have a friend stay over.  Plus, he said that there was no room for D. to stay at the house.  He asked if I'd consider letting D. stay on my couch that night.  To be honest, I was really uncomfortable with it.  I mean, I had never met this guy before and I am NOT in the business of letting random dudes sleep over on my couch.  I was very hesitant but my boss insisted that D. was a nice guy and that there was nothing to worry about.  I agreed on one condition: only if my best friend (or pretty much my only friend living in Virginia) was available to come and stay in my apartment with me that night.  If I was going to have a random dude spending the night, I was at least going to have my friend there for back up in case this guy had any funny business on his brain.  Luckily, when I called my best friend, she was totally understanding and said she'd be there later that night to rescue me from the random stranger.  Later that afternoon, I was working at my desk and this totally goofy looking guy comes walking through the front door of our office.  He had a blue super man shirt on and a matching blue superman visor on his head.  Except, the visor was turned around backwards and upside down.  He immediately started striding toward the back of my office toward my bosses desk.  "Who is this dude who clearly doesn't own a mirror?" is what I was asking myself.  Little did I know, crazy dressed dude was my bosses best friend.  Yeah, it was D.  Once I realized this, I was immediately regretful that I had ever allowed myself to get sucked into this whole phone threesome that my boss, myself, and this guy who couldn't dress himself had gotten accustomed to.  This dude screamed "Frat boy" to me.  Therefore, when my boss formally introduced him, I smiled politely from my desk and kept working.  "Avoid eye contact and you'll be fine" was pretty much what I was reminding myself at the time.  After my boss and D. had spent about an hour talking and joking around with each other, my boss announced that D. would be heading over to my apartment with me so that he could shower and I could get ready to go out with them that night.  Excuse me?  Nobody had ever said anything to me about having to be anyone's tour guide that night.  In fact, all I had done was (stupidly) agree to let some random stranger crash on my couch that night.  In my head, I was reminding myself never to agree to this type of thing again.  My boss quickly pointed out the fact that he knew no one in town and how was he supposed to take his best friend out and show him a good time if neither one of them knew anyone in town?  I just as quickly reminded him that I had just moved to town a few months prior and knew no one either and that I had called in my best friend who was driving 45 minutes to come and stay with me so that I could offer HIS friend a place to stay that night.  To which, my (very clever, I'll admit) boss replied "Great, four people makes a small party.  We'll all go out together!".  Cunning, indeed.  So, off I went begrudingly to my apartment with this guy who I knew nothing more about than his name to not only invite him into my tiny one bedroom apartment but to allow him to use my shower.  A shower, which I should tell you, was directly connected to my bedroom.  Fabulous.  So, while he showered, I stayed in my living room and tried like hell to avoid the urge to flee from my apartment and never return.  I don't know if any of you ladies have ever had a guy taking a shower in your apartment that you just clearly weren't interested in, but trust me on this one: it's not all that great of an experience. 

I heard the water of the shower turn off and I started to get really nervous.  Not in that butterflies-in-your-belly way, more in the crap-now-I-have-to-face-this-guy way.  About 10 minutes after the water turned off, the door to my bathroom opened and out walked a complete stranger.  As in, not the guy who walked in.  No, the fashionably challenged, immature, little frat boy who walked into my bathroom to take a shower had been replaced by a man dressed in  a polo shirt in the most perfect shade of blue that hugged a muscled chest and arms that I swear weren't even there 20 minutes before and a pair of jeans that clung to all the right places.  It was at that time that I noticed the most gorgeous green eyes that I had ever seen.  Who. was. this. guy???  I swear, it took all the focus I had to make sure I wasn't staring, drooling, or brushing the floor with my jaw.  I think I even mumbled something about hoping he had enough hot water.  Bonehead.  I then fled to my bedroom so that I didn't have to be in his presence and risk saying anything else that was completely stupid and void of any charm whatsoever.  I tried to gather my focus and senses to pick out an outfit to go out in that night and all of a sudden realized that nothing in my closet was right.  Great, nothing to wear.  I managed to pull out a pair of jeans and a stretchy fitting red top that, in my opinion (and come to find out later, D's opinion too) accentuated everything that it would need to be accentuated in order to capture and keep the attention of a certain good looking stranger who was currently hanging out in my living room. 

By a sheer stroke of good luck, my best friend arrived at my apartment pretty much at the same time that I was done getting ready.  This, thankfully, saved me from having to make small talk with the guy in my apartment who I still wasn't really interested in (remember: I was still gun-shy from a previous breakup) but was all of a sudden finding somewhat physically attractive.  Damn it!  So, my friend of course turned on all the charm and was making friends with D. from the very get-go (kind of ironic since they soon became somewhat at odds with one another) and they relieved me from any obligation of finding topics to talk about.  Boss man also showed up shortly after so we were all able to head off to dinner.  We decided to try a restaurant downtown which none of us had ever been to before. 

Throughout dinner, we had a great time.  The four of us got along very easily and conversation was flowing.  I'm normally a very outgoing person but the three of them (best friend, boss, and D.) put me to shame in that department since they are all uber outgoing personalities so there was never a dull moment at dinner that night.  In fact, after about three hours of sitting at the restaurant and chatting it up, some burly looking dude approached our table and busted up the fun.  Burly looking guy in black looked at me and my friend and asked to see our I.D.'s.  Apparently, the restaurant that we had chosen turned into a night club after 9pm and this dude in black was wanting to validate that my friend and I belonged.  Unfortunately for us, we didn't.  I was only 20 at the time and my friend was only 18.  So, we were curtly told that we were going to need to exit the establishment quite quickly.  I knew that D and my boss were both 25 so this was quite embarassing for me.  Fun night busted because the girls are underage.  So, as we walked back to the car, I started trying to figure out a plan for how D. could get back to my apartment that night.  I naturally assumed that the guys were going to want to go out to a bar or something.  Afterall, it was only 9pm on a Friday night.  So, I explained that I would take the guys back to my apartment (where their cars were) and that I could give D. my address so that he could find his way back to my place later.  Both of the guys looked at me like I had sprouted an extra head.  My boss quickly suggested that maybe we should all hang out at my apartment.  He tried to hem and haw about how going out would be a hassle and then they'd have to drive back to my place and then my boss would have to drive himself home and blah, blah, blah.  So, everyone agreed that we'd hang out at my place. 

Once we were back at my apartment, my friend pulled me into the bathroom and told me that she thought she had a crush on D. and wanted to "go after him".  Umm. . .did I mention that I wasn't all that into him?  Yeah, that changed right then and there.  I don't know if it was the threat of competition or if I had just been repressing my true feelings but I pretty much said "Like Hell You Are!" in my head while nodding at her and smiling a thin tight smile.  Next thing she knew, I had challenged her to a game in which she and I competed to see who could take the most shots.  Hers were rum.  Mine were water.  Yeah, she lost that game pretty much as soon as the rum kicked in and she got drunk and passed out.  Now is the time where you're probably thinking that I'm a God awful person who has no regard for others, right?  Yeah, I'll admit it, it was a totally low thing to do.  But, as my best friend, I inately knew that he just wasn't the right match for her and I was saving her from making a big mistake.  Who am I kidding?  It was an awful thing to do and I was acting like a childish little bitch.  There, I said it.  If you must know, I have confessed my misdeeds to my friend and she's still to this day one of my best friends, if not my BEST best friend.  Plus, she totally agrees that he wasn't a good match for her and that I was saving her from making a big mistake.  Of course, she didn't fully come to see this until about the time that we both started realizing that he can be a total asshole at times.  More on that to come later.

Anyways, after my girl had passed out (hey, I made sure she was comfy, safe, and in my bed) that just left my boss, D. and I to hang out.  I honestly can't remember what we did but I think we played cards for a few hours.  About the time that midnight or 1 a.m. rolled around, my boss decided to head home which left D. and I alone to hang out.  We decided that since my friend was passed out in my bed and my apartment was pretty small, we should hang out on my balcony so that we could talk without fear of waking up my friend.  So, it was out on my balcony that we spent the remaining hours of that night talking, laughing, and then in the middle of a random conversation, it happened.  He kissed me.  And it was great.

When we were all talked and laughed out, we headed back inside my apartment to try to catch some sleep before the sun came up.  Due to the fact that my friend was passed out in my bed, my couch was pretty tiny, and D. wanted me to stay with him, we ended up having a campout on the floor of my living room.  D. was a perfect gentleman and kept his hands to himself except for at some point during the night where we ended up cuddling up to one another.  The next morning, before D or I woke up, my best friend left to head home and that's where she found us: cuddled up on the floor of my apartment using the same pillow and snuggled up to one another.

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